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We actually can travel and stay in nice hotels that meet our needs and those of our pets as well. Our friend Stephanie, the founder of the Landog Blog and an important point of reference and inspiration for pet care, pet fashion and news in Brazil, tells us about her experience – with her dog Candy – in one of the most beautiful pet-friendly hotels in Brazil.

Unique Garden Hotel & Spa was an immediate hit with our blogger friend Stephanie when she went to spend a few relaxing days in this gorgeous hotel set nestled in nature, surrounded by gardens filled with blooming flowers, green houses, orchards and plenty of spaces in which her dog could frolic. Just 50 km outside of Sao Paolo, it’s a real paradise for anyone who loves nature and wants to enjoy some real quality time with his or her four-legged buddy.

The guest rooms are spacious and airy, so much so that some guests actually come and stay with not just one, but sometimes even five pets! The hotel has thirteen rooms especially designed for those travelling with their beloved pets and all of them have special amenities for the guests (the furry ones, obviously): a comfy pillow, bowls for food and water and even toys to play with so that they too can truly relax during their time at the hotel.

There are many activities to be enjoyed together, like nice long walks along trails and in the woods. There is also a fenced-in area where dogs can run around freely and play with the many toys, or even jump into a pool all their own.

Our well cared-for pets, however, are not the only ones welcomed here. The hotel was also designed to lend a hand to those who need it the most: an entire area is reserved for wild animals who have been victims of abuse, a place where they are cared for, healed and then set free into the wild once more. There is also a special area for dogs that have been abandoned. They too are cared for with love and then put up for adoption, given away to someone who can give them all the love they deserve.

An ideal place for anyone who likes to travel with their beloved pet, like Stephanie and her dog Candy, who spent a relaxing and memorable weekend walking over the grounds with the

Ergoflex harness and Ferplast Amigo lead. It is our hope that more and more hotels will become truly pet-friendly and if you’ve stayed somewhere on a little vacation with your dog that was really nice, let us know about it!


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 photo credits : LanDOG 

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