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Black & White is an interior decorating trend that has maintained a strong presence over the years without losing its originality. When paired together, these two contrasting colors give life to a truly unique look that is perfect for any room. Don’t miss out on our tips!

In the ’60s, black and white fabrics were used create three-dimensional, psychedelic effects and optical illusions. Today, things are not very different, at least not when it comes to the incredible range of possibilities that a black and white palette has in interior design. Decorating a home using these two shades is the best way for creating a refined and modern atmosphere in your living space.


The most important room in any home is the kitchen. Here, an arrangement pairing black and white is easy to envisage: white brightens the space making it seem larger, while black grants depth. A wall coated in black chalkboard paint for recording new recipes or shopping lists could be an interesting idea. If the flooring and walls are black, it would obviously be best to choose white cabinetry. In addition, some wood chairs and a touch of color from objects such as aromatic herbs will suffice to add a touch of life and movement to the kitchen.

There is even room for creativity in the bathroom; you can play with contrast between the white tiles of the walls and dark resin of the floors. If the dominant color is black, use white sponges and towels, and vice versa. A bathroom of this color palette will have a charm that is timeless.

The living area is the simplest to decorate: just make sure to combine classic and pure white pieces with black accessories such as a vase, candle holders, lamps or artwork. For example, a large leather sofa and a checkered rug is a perfect combination for granting your living room some character.

Weather they are dogs or cats, a home’s furry inhabitants must not be forgotten when choosing accessories. A comfortable bed for an afternoon nap is a must purchase. To stay in the theme, Ferplast’s Relax Soft pet bed in black and white would be a perfect addition. Made of soft, eco-friendly fur, it’s internal padding makes it extremely soft and super comfortable. In addition to blending in perfectly with the spaces of a contemporary black and white home, the fact that it can be conveniently washed in cold water makes it very practical.



A decision to decorate your home in black in white means you are not the type for half measures, you love elegance and bold color contrasts. What do you think? Are you for or against?


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