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Cats love to do two things: play and sleep. When nap time comes around, cats, whether they are just wee kittens or full-blown adults, can find some pretty amazing places to curl up in. If you have just got a brand new kitty and can’t seem to find it, the following list may well be helpful in your search!

Cats love to sleep and get in plenty of naps during the course of the day. They usually find some safe hidden place, up high, but they also really like dark, warm hideaways, especially in winter. The main reason for this is instinct, their need to hide from predators, but these places are also nice and quiet, anti-stress therapy, if you will.


If it’s been a while seen you’ve seen your cat, try searching for it in any of the following places:

1) INSIDE THE WARDROBE, ON CLEAN CLOTHES. Cats love to sleep inside clothes closets, on fragrant clean clothing, knits are preferred. It’s an easy place to get to and a quiet hideaway that will let them sleep in peace. The drawback to this is that we risk going out wearing sweaters covered in cat hair!


2) ON THE COMPUTER. No, cats aren’t nerds, but they do like the warmth of a computer that has only just been turned off. If you see your cat circling you as you work on the computer, it may be scoping out its next nap spot!


3) INSIDE BAGS AND SHOPPERS. Cats can get into just about anything, especially when they’re small, agile kittens. They love paper and plastic bags, not just for the nice noise they make when they go in, but because they actually believe humans can’t see them there!


4) IN THE SINK. I’m sure you’ve heard people say that cats have a fluid way about them, and maybe that’s because they take on the shape of the container they find themselves in. There will be times that you go into the bathroom and find you cat happily curled up and fast asleep in the wash basin. No one really knows why cats like this particular spot!


5) ON TOP OF YOUR BED. We aren’t the only ones who think highly of a comfortable bed. Cats like them because they’re soft and warm and high off the ground, so it feels safe – all the more so because it can also smell its owner’s aroma in it!



That said, the ideal place for a cat to sleep is its very own bed and the model that might best provide the cat with all of the aforementioned plus points is a box, like Tufli by Ferplast. Made with a soft ecological fur – great for cats that hate the cold – it is round and enclosed, except for a handy front opening through which the cat can also safely survey its surroundings. It stands to reason that Tulfi needs to be placed in a quiet part of the house, somewhere the cat won’t be disturbed. This one item will provide your cat with all the comfort, warmth and privacy it needs!

ferplast-gatto-dorme-cuccia dove-dormono-gatti



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