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Springtime walks are always a bit of a risk. It’s sunny when you walk out the door but the weather can change without warning and a sudden cloud burst actually can make your walking buddy catch a cold, or worse.

As the weather warms and winter fades into memory, walking the dog becomes an increasingly pleasant outing, but the weather is not always what it seems. It’s a good idea to leave the house armed with an umbrella, but it’s also wise to take a very practical folded doggie raincoat with you just in case it rains and/or the wind kicks up.

cavalier_king_ferplastcarattere_cavalier_kingA raincoat is an important accessory for dogs that live indoors, where the constant average warm temperature they enjoy does not stimulate the growth of that undercoat of fine warm hair that would protect him from severe drops in temperatures. Improperly protected, your dog is prey to respiratory diseases and even gastrointestinal problems.

A raincoat does a very good job of keeping the dog’s hair dry, it keeps him from getting soaked. And it’s also very handy for evening walks to protect him from the humidity in the night air. Keeping him smelling good is another benefit of a raincoat, a wet dog tends to smell pretty funky and seeing as it’s not a good idea to wash him too often, you’d risk having to live with a smelly puppy for extended periods of time.

allevamento_cavalier_kingcavalier_king_prezzoTo safeguard the health and cleanliness of your dog, therefore, it’s a good idea to always have a folded raincoat with you, just in case. Perhaps something like Sailor Blue, which is what Paco is wearing in these pictures. Ferplast dog raincoats are made of a lightweight water and wind-proof material that is ideal even when it’s not necessarily cold outside. The Sailor model comes in blue and red and is available in 13 sizes. It has an easy to close Velcro strap and the hole at the collar is there so that you can attach the lead without leaving any part of the dog’s hide uncovered.

crocchette_cavalier_kingcavalier_king_alimentazioneimpermeabile_cane_piccola_tagliaPaco and Alessandra don’t ever leave home without a raincoat. And you?


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