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Collies really are great dogs and they remind most of us of one of TV’s greatest stars, perhaps the world’s most famous dog ever: Lassie. A large dog, it has a very sweet nature and a gorgeous coat of hair that everyone falls in love with at first sight.

Collies are very clean dogs, they are very sweet, quiet and sociable with other house pets. They are brilliant with kids and gentle with senior citizens. They are, in fact, a perfect dog. The roots of the breed go back to Scotland where they were used to guide herds of sheep. There are no wolves in Scotland, so they were not trained to protect them, just to nudge and lead them in the right direction over the vast highlands. This is why they are also accustomed to cooperating with other dogs.

They are not at all prone to attacking other animals. They are guard dogs and they are very good at what they do, even if they aren’t aggressive. They bark if they sense danger, hear an intruder or feel something is amiss. Collies love the country life, kids and long walks.


A Collie has a luxuriously soft coat that needs to be groomed daily. Although he doesn’t usually roll about on the ground as his shorter haired buddies might, he needs to be brushed every day to keep him neat and tidy. Collies have a very full mantle that is especially thick at the neck, a dense layer of woolly undercoat covered with a long-haired overcoat. To care for him you need specialised brushes. Which one is the best to use?


The most important type of brush to own when you have a collie is carding brush. It has bent stainless steel bristles that quickly eliminate dead hair and favour its regrowth. A combination brush is also very good for grooming the undercoat. On one side it has a rake, while the other side has soft bristles that keep the coat glossy after the dead hair has been removed. Another must is a rake comb with a double row of metal teeth. The longer ones reach deep into the coat to brush out the knots and tangles, while the shorter teeth smoothen them. All the teeth have rounded points so as not to hurt the animal.


It’s important to brush away only the dead hair, never to pull out healthy hair. The area behind the ears, the elbows and thighs – where knots form more easily – require special attention. The rest of the coat should be brushed with quick strokes without forgetting about the ears to get rid of excess clumps.


Collie are marvellous dogs that are especially ideal for those who want to spend time out of doors with a faithful, gentle and elegant friend.

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