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A fish tank decorates any home and improves the look of whatever room in which it’s installed. It must be chosen carefully, as it’s not a vase or a simple bibelot: it’s a window to a living world, to an underwater micro habitat.

But what are the best places to install it, and what style to choose?

To fully enjoy your fish tank, it must be placed in a visible position, and thus not in a corridor or any other place in which people just pass by. It’s a better idea to dedicate a corner of your living room or a piece of furniture in your office specifically to this design object. Its height mustn’t be underestimated, because it must be pleasant to look at from a sitting position as well as by a standing person, and it should be easy to access for maintenance purposes and to feed the fish. As for its shape, there are plenty of options: in line, corner-shaped, suspended, dwarf, built-in. It will all depend on how much space you have available. If you’re dying to add a shark to your living room, it may be hard to find a ready-to-use solution in the market. But if you’re looking for a product that completes the modern furnishing of your home, the Samoa fish tank is the most suitable solution. Decidedly interesting from the aesthetic point of view, with its simple and essential design, its particular frame made of white wood that highlights the beauty of the open glass tank, and illuminated by LED lights, this is a veritable design object. To make its three dimensions stand out, most of its sides should be left clear of obstacles: avoid placing it close to a wall, for instance. This will ensure that it can be observed from several points of view, and it can also be used to separate two rooms or areas.

Samoa is available in three different sizes, 15, 25, or 30 litres. All versions come complete with a Blucompact 01 inner filter, to ensure perfect water filtration. Why settle for the classic round tank, when you can have a whole small marine world to decorate your home?











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