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Dogs spend about half their days resting, in order to build up energy and face the day with determination. Their rhythm depends on the age and on the lifestyle of each dog, but one thing they all have in common: the positions they use to sleep in. In many cases, preference for one position instead of others may give us a glimpse of their personalities and characters!


If your dog curls up to sleep, looking like a doughnut, with neck and belly protected and paws scooped up, it means he’s docile but doesn’t fully trust his surroundings. In this position, dogs are safe from external attacks. It’s surely one of the most common positions, but when your dog sleeps like this, you should know it means he’s only napping and never fully relaxed!


Dogs that sleep on their side, with their legs extended, are relaxed and sound asleep. She knows she’s in a safe, familiar place where no one could hurt her. This is surely a deep sleep position, as it means your friend is fully at ease where she is; she’s happy and loyal.


Finding a dog that sleeps with his belly up is hard work, but not an impossible task. If Toto sleeps with his paws up in the air like he just doesn’t care, you can be sure he’s a calm and autonomous pet who trusts his owners with all his heart and is not afraid of being in danger. How can you tell? Well, this is a very vulnerable position, as all of your dog’s internal organs are happily exposed. Dogs that love sleeping like this tend to adapt immediately to new and different situations.


This is the preferred position of puppies and adult dogs during napping phase. Unlike what we tend to think, if your dog sleeps with her belly down, this means she’s lively and always alert, which is why her muscles are taut even in sleep. This doesn’t mean she’s stressed or anxious: we’re talking about an animal that is full of energy, loves to explore, and is always ready for action!

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