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Even in the middle of winter, keep up the good habit of getting some outdoor exercise! If the barren landscape gives you a touch of melancholy, you can always rely on your dog’s company to cheer you up. Taking them along with you, perhaps in a warm, cosy bag, will always brighten up your walks!

However, you might find it difficult to convince your dog to leave their basket, especially if they are a small breed, which tend to feel the cold and prefer to stay at home. But what if, instead of walking on a lead all the time, they could travel inside a spacious Ferplast fabric bag? We guarantee it’ll change their mind!

Whether it’s a walk to the park or a shopping trip, a small dog – or a young puppy – will be happy and quiet, without too much effort, inside a bag designed to accommodate your pet with maximum comfort and in complete safety.


You don’t need to worry about your dog’s paws getting it dirty: fabric bags have the advantage of being robust and easy to clean – just put them in the washing machine at a low temperature (max 30°) and for minor maintenance, such as simple scratches or superficial dirt, just wipe clean with a non-abrasive wet sponge.

One of the most fashionable models in the Ferplast fabric bags collection is Borsello, currently our most popular accessory for dog-lovers. This it-bag has a characteristic slit that allows the dog to pop their head out and see what’s going on from a privileged position. The bag is made from cotton fabric and is very comfortable, thanks to the internal padding.

Borsello has extendable handles, so you can use it as a handbag or shoulder bag: a perfect solution if you need to push a shopping trolley and need both hands free. That’s not all – it is equipped with a useful strap for attaching your dog’s harness, to keep your pet still: with this bag, there is no danger of your puppy running away or suddenly jumping out!


Another, much sportier, model of dog bag is Piuma by Ferplast. Piuma (feather) by name and by nature: soft, light, padded nylon to keep your pet warm at any time and in any place. It is available in several colours: black and fuchsia, with polka dots or with a tricot print. This model also has a safety strap to keep your furry friend in check, and stop them from running away if they see another dog nearby!

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Whichever bag you prefer, the important thing is that you can always take Fido with you on a walk, even in the winter!

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