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Playing is very important in the life of dogs and cats: playing is a gym of life because through it the animals socialise, discover the world around them and learn to interact with each other and with humans. But does playing have other purposes too?

Why playing is important

Playing serves both the puppy and the adult animal, even the older ones. In fact, they benefit from it and it is precisely this aspect that the owners of furry pets must absolutely understand.

At an early age playing is used to:

– train and develop body and psyche;

– refine their instincts and moderate their temperament;

– learn to relate and create bonds.

It is precisely through play that puppies discover their body and their senses, learn the mechanisms that underlie hunting; with the game the mother teaches the little ones to control their bite and the use of their nails and to modulate their instincts.

For an adult animal playing is:

– a moment of fun;

– a means to fight boredom and release the tension accumulated over the course of the day;

– an educational and constant learning means;

– a way to spend time with your master and thus strengthen the bond with them

– a way to stay active

What games can animals do?

Playing can be divided into social and solitary, the first being played in the company of someone, the second without a partner; then there are the games of movement, that is, chasing, running, fighting, and instrumental games, that is carried out with the help of objects such as balls, sticks, circuits, according to the needs of the animal.

All animals need to spend time in the company of their own kind, and it is our duty to allow them to meet other animals as often as possible; for this reason, whether it is a dog, a cat, a rabbit or a fish, it is advisable to adopt them in pairs.

Another interesting aspect is that of playing with people. Playing with your human friend is very stimulating for Fido or for Felix, but vice versa it is also for us, as it is useful to create empathy and serves to put us in a good mood. The best way to play is to make many different toys available to the animal, because in addition to keeping the four-legged engaged, this offers them the opportunity to further develop their cognitive skills. There are those of mental activation, such as Discover and Trea by Ferplast, hiding the biscuits stimulates the animal’s predator instinct, activates their intelligence also encouraging them to eat more slowly; or the classic sound balls or fishing rods for cats … there are many on the market.

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