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Among the enigmatic behaviors of domestic felines, there is one in particular on which many wonder, namely: why does the cat bite my hand and then kick me while I am cuddling him? We’ll try to explain you this behavior, so you can finally remove the doubt that the four-legged has turned into a little devil or dislikes you!

The cat bites: different reasons

All cat owners will confirm that they have been a victim of an ambush by their pet at least once. However, we have to specify that not all bites are due to the same reason. The cat bites when:

1) he is playing, although it is not recommended to use your hands when playing with your cat because he could hurt you. Teaching him to stop biting as an adult will be difficult. Rather, try to make him play with special fishing rods, plush mice, balls with rattles

2) he wants to show affection, in this case he uses light bites on the legs, arms or hands even on the nose, manifested in a moment of happiness;

3) he is afraid, feels threatened or in danger, in this case you will notice the ears stretched backwards;

4) he wants to warn that he doesn’t like to be touched, perhaps in a delicate and vulnerable point such as the belly. In these cases, in fact, in addition to biting, he will react by biting and kicking you with his hind legs, catching your hand as if it were a prey to be appeased. This attitude comes in fact from his natural instinct, taught to him by his mother, and which serves to knock out the prey, usually an unfortunate mouse.

It is therefore important to understand the cat’s body language, to understand his messages and interact with him correctly.

What to do when he bites and kicks?

What should you do when dispensing caresses to the cat, he suddenly starts attacking you, biting and scratching you with his hind legs, kicking furiously? It is essential to understand that the cat in no case performs the attack with malice, for this reason you must never raise your voice to scold him!

Stand still, each move will only alter him further. Don’t talk to him or even pet him, otherwise he will believe he is right, he will go even further on your hand and there will be no way to make him desist from doing it. Doing so will certainly loosen your grip.

One piece of advice we give you is to let him come to you in search of cuddles of his will. Finally, when you caress him, you must always do it gently and slowly, avoiding the prohibited areas, such as the belly or the legs. Preferably, stroke the upper part of the head and gradually move towards the back.

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