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Adopting an adult, stray, abandoned, stalled or long-lived dog or cat in a kennel or cattery is a gesture of immense altruism. Often you think you have to deal with a more problematic animal, actually less than you think. Bringing an already grown-up four-legged home is advantageous for several reasons!

When you decide to adopt a pet, most of the time you prefer a puppy by discarding the possibility of taking an adult animal. Nothing could be more wrong! Here the reasons.

They do not destroy everything

Dogs and cats, especially when they are small, have a tendency to nibble at anything that comes within range from shoes to cushions, because they are putting on their teeth, and scratching furniture and sofas. Unfortunately, this is inherent in the nature of the puppy to behave like this! Adults are calmer, they prefer to spend time playing with humans and napping.

Already formed character

The character of a puppy is still an unknown factor, he can be cute and cuddly when small and helpless, but then, what will become of him when he grows up? How will he behave with other animals and people? Adult dogs and cats have an already well-defined character and, if for adoption you turn to a kennel or a serious association, usually volunteers already know their furry guests and can therefore provide you with all the information about the temperament of the pet that you will decide to adopt.

Less frequent check-ups and vet visits

When you bring a kitty or puppy home, it is advisable to undergo all medical checks; there are vaccines, boosters and possibly sterilizations. With an adult animal, except in rare cases, all these check-ups have already been carried out so that you only have to take your new friend to the vet’s annual checks.

You give hope to the animal

Often an adult cat or dog have an important and unfortunately sometimes sad story, but precisely for this reason they will be even more grateful and will return the love that you will be able to give them. At the same time a nice gesture of altruism is made, giving these furry ones a better life expectancy after months of stalemate and uncertainties.

Adult dogs and cats always deserve to find a family willing to adopt them and spend the rest of their lives with people loving them and pampering!

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