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Dogs never cease to amaze us, with their owners able to confirm how much we are alike in certain behaviours. One of the many? The most fitting example in this season is surely the passion that our four-legged friends also have for the sun. A bit like us, as soon as they see a ray of sunshine, they too seek out a sunny spot to enjoy the rays’ warmth. But have you ever wondered why dogs like sunbathing so much?

The answer is simpler than expected. Canines certainly have no intention of getting a tan, but they adore being in the sun because they know that sunlight has many benefits. Let’s discover together what they are!


1) THE SUN IMPROVES MOOD. Exposure to sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, a kind of natural antidepressant – being a neurotransmitter able to generate a feeling of happiness. When our four-legged friends stretch out in the sun, they enjoy an increase in the production of this substance, and subsequently feel automatically happier, with a marked improvement in mood.

2) THE SUN INCREASES VITAMIN D LEVELS. The sun promotes the absorption of vitamin D, a fundamental nutrient able to regulate the levels of phosphorus and calcium, the two minerals that contribute to the development and strengthening of the bones. To prevent the emergence of diseases related to the skeletal system (such as osteoporosis) or the joints, it is important that Fido spends time outdoors in order to absorb as much vitamin D as possible.


3) THE SUN HELPS IMPROVE REST. Exposure to sunlight also favours the production of melatonin, a hormone that has the task of regulating the animal’s sleep cycle. Gathering a greater amount of this hormone, the dog can increase the quality of their hours of sleep and rest in greater tranquillity.

4) THE SUN WARMS THE BODY. It will be trivial, but the sun is the primary source of heat for us as much as it is for our pets. When the sun peeps out during the cooler periods, it is to be taken advantage of, given that it helps our companions warm up and avoid the most common diseases going around during the winter season. In older dogs, the warmth generated by this star also relieves pain and helps them avoid suffering from rheumatism.


The benefits of the sun are numerous, but as with everything, it is very important not to overdo it. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays may cause heat stroke in the dog. That is why you have to keep your pets always well-hydrated and, when possible, have them wear protective clothing. You’ll be spoiled for choice with the new Ferplast t-shirt collection, in terms of the vivid colours and prints, top-quality materials and the perfect fit!


Whether by the sea or poolside, we must not forget to bring a practical water bottle or alternatively a foldable bowl, which occupies little space and can easily be thrown in our bag, together with a refrigerating Pet Cool Mat. This special mat contains a liquid coolant that is activated by the pressure of the animal’s body to give a pleasant feeling of freshness.


And now, after taking all necessary precautions, we can take Fido out to sunbathe!


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