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Cats love to play, and anyone who has one is well aware of this!

We often, erroneously, think that our little pointed-ear friends are solitary creatures.

Truth is, kittens love to play – by themselves and with their owners.

Playing is a necessary activity for cats, it’s how they vent all their energy, especially those that live indoors and can’t go out to roam about and hunt on the land.

How often don’t we see our cat stalk some imaginary prey or play on their carefully designed cat trees, complete with hanging attractions to be swiped at. And many of them love to wrestle with cute little stuffed animals too.

In this video made by Dodo you can watch darling kitties holding their stuffed toys tightly to them, protecting them and even falling asleep with them in their arms. It’s highly likely that their attraction to these plush toys has to do with how soft they are, it reminds them of a real little animal. Aren’t they adorable? Who said that cats are cranky pets?

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