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The cat is a habitual animal, he loves the routine of his home and the idea of going on holidays with his owners does not always put him at ease. Where can the cat be left if he doesn’t travel with you?

If you own a nice cat and have booked a vacation in a hotel that cannot accommodate pets, you must find someone to take care of him during your absence. There are two solutions: the cat sitter or the cattery.

1. Cat Sitter

If you have to leave but you cannot or prefer not to bring your feline with you, you can leave him to a trusted person, so that every day he receives the right attention and above all the right dose of food and water. If no family member or friend can help you, keep in mind that there are always many people willing to look after others’ cats for work: you can hire a cat sitter! There are special portals, but if you cannot find one that convinces you fully you can always ask for advice from your veterinarian, who will most likely have contacts with reliable people who perform this task professionally and competently.

Cat sitter prices may vary depending on the type of service requested and the length of absence.

The positive aspect of the cat sitter is that in this way a control of the house, plants and other animals if present will also be ensured.

2. Catteries

There are special structures in which you can leave your cat while you are away from home for a few days, or cat kennels. You can inquire about their reliability by checking various sites and reviews, we suggest that you always take into consideration the opinion of those who have already entrusted these structures by reading their evaluations un the web!

The important aspects to evaluate are: cleanliness, attention and daily care for the animal, the presence of licenses and certificates displayed on the walls of the cattery and the size of the room in which the cats sleep. It is good that you choose a cattery without cages.

In order to prevent the cat from suffering a trauma, make sure that the owners of cattery are accurate, experienced and loving as well as ready to understand and know the cat they are about to host. Often some catteries let the cat try the structure by providing a short stay with the aim of gradually inserting the animal.

What is the cost of a cattery stay? We are unable to give you an approximate cost as this parameter varies according to the area where it is located as well as the services offered.

Think about it when you have to choose the right “babysitter” for your cat, his serenity depends!

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