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There are few items that alert dogs, but one of them is definitely the brush! In fact, most of them associate the comb with a negative or not really pleasant experience, so if they see you with this accessory in hand, ready to make their coat shiny, they tend to run away. What can be done if the dog does not let himself be combed? Here are our tips.

Dog fur: why is it important to brush it?

The hair of the dog must be cared for and kept in order, not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all because from the hair you can understand if your dog is healthy or not. Brushing is an essential part of dog hygiene: it allows untangling knots, eliminating dead hair, nested dirt and dead skin cells, which are the main cause of the pet’s bad smells.


Tips to get the dog combed:

  1. GET THE DOG USED TO THE BRUSH GRADUALLYThe dog must not perceive the brush / comb as an enemy, it must be almost a game for him, therefore it is important to work on the perception that the furry has of the object. First, put the brush on the floor and place Fido’s favorite food or toys beside it. Let him come closer, he will surely begin to smell “the enemy”, then shifting his interest towards his snacks. It may happen that once he has eaten all the kibbles, he dares to touch the comb with the paw, the important thing is he approaches it without being forced. In this way he will realize that the comb is not so … evil and hostile!


If the dog does not let himself be combed, the brush you are using may not be suitable for him. Each type of hair must be treated with a different tool, an inadequate comb can damage the dog’s skin, scratch it or hurt it, and this could be the reason why he runs away every time he sees it. Here are some preliminary suggestions for choosing the right tool:

For the daily care of smooth and short haired dogs, a simple brush with bristles can be used. Long-haired dogs should be brushed every day with a brush combined with one side of bristles and the other with stainless steel pins.

Curly-haired dogs are normally brushed with the carder and the wide-toothed comb.



In order not to disturb Fido, you need to brush him at the most appropriate time and be very careful.
The right time is not when he wants to run or play, but when he is tired: the ideal is to approach him when he is already lying and relaxed, without however showing the comb; after a little pampering and sweet words, the animal should remain quiet enough to let him comb for at least a few minutes. Before placing the teeth of the comb or brush directly, you could also simulate the movement by simply using your open hand.
Always remember to comb the dog following the direction of the hair, otherwise you risk making him nervous or hurting him.

With patience and little time you will make the grooming time easy and pleasant for your four-legged friend!



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