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Have you ever organised a camping holiday with your dog? If you are a nature lover, it is undoubtedly the type of holiday that suits you best. Follow our tips to enjoy a carefree time camping with your four-legged friend: what to pack, what to check before setting off, the rules of behaviour and other tips in the event of accidents.

If you are thinking about spending a weekend in the mountains, we advise you to take advantage of the moment and plan a trip as soon as possible, given that the temperatures are still mild. Here is all you need to know.

Camping with your dog. What should you do before you leave?

Before setting off, make sure your dog is in good health. Go to see your vet and check that he has a microchip, so that you will be able to retrieve him easily if he gets lost, and make sure he gets all the necessary vaccinations. There are countries that require specific vaccinations, so always find out about the current health regulations in the country where you will be camping. Last, but not least, make sure your furry friend is protected by the right pesticide.

What should you pack when going camping? The appropriate equipment

Having the appropriate equipment at your disposal is essential in order to avoid fines and protect your dog. In this regard, you need to pack:

– a sporty and ergonomic harness, or two in case your stay is going to last more than 3 days;

– a lead;

– hygienic bags for picking up when your dog does his business;

– a muzzle for your dog to wear if there are other people around;

– two bowls – one for water and one for dry food;

– a scratchproof and waterproof cushion to place inside the tent;

– a few toys for comforting Fido when he feels homesick

– first aid kit;

– your dog’s vaccination booklet.

Ferplast proposes a series of products suitable for camping, tested and approved by our trusty ambassador Dexter, who is very sporty and an expert on trekking and camping holidays. For example, things you will always find in his bag are the Hercules harness, the Jolly mattress and the colourful and capacious Jolie bowls.

How should you behave with your dog at the campsite?

Your dog needs to get used to the campsite a little at a time. Of course, it is best if he behaves politely and listens to you when you call him. Make sure that he respects the other tents, people and children and that he doesn’t get too close to fires and barbecues, enticed by the inviting aromas of grilled meat. Check that there is always a place where he can shelter from the sun, rain or cold and that he always has water available to him! If he should be bitten by a viper, do not apply pressure or make any cuts to remove the poison but contact the vet immediately. For all eventualities, write down the number of the local vet or that of an emergency veterinary hospital before you leave or as soon as you arrive.

You are ready to go now. Enjoy your adventure!

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