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Summertime means holidays. There are those who stay close to home and those who prefer to strike out further and fly to some faraway destination. If you decide to keep your beloved cat with you, you can take it on board with you, the important thing is to be well equipped and follow some simple rules. Here’s how!

The airline

Before you buy your ticket, make sure to find out if your airline is pet friendly. Nowadays, most airlines allow small domestic pets with you into the cabin, companies like Vueling, Meridiana and Delta (just to mention the low cost ones) but also Alitalia, Air France and Lufthansa. Beware, some of the latter do not allow pets in the cabin on all their flights, so do call the customer service department to find out what their policy is. Each airline has different rules regarding fares, the size and weight of the pet carrier. You also have to book well in advance, the number of pets allowed on board is usually limited!

Choosing a carrier for your cat

When you decide to take your cat with you on a plane, it must be at least 3 months old. It should be neither pregnant nor in heat. You should also get it accustomed to being in the carrier so that it will be happy and tranquil during the entire flight. The type of carrier required changes depending on the airline, but a basic rule is that the cat + carrier should not exceed 10kg in weight. The best type of carrier has openings on all sides and is large enough for the cat to be really comfy, like Ferplast’s Beauty model.

Getting the cat ready to travel

Before taking off, your cat’s physical condition and health should be evaluated with care, so take it to the vet and get a health certificate and vaccination booklet to show at the airport upon request. It’s best not to feed kitty in the 12 hours prior to flying, and make sure it has “gone to the bathroom” before you set off. Be sure to bring along a cat survival kit, with moist wipes and poo bags, just in case!

Are you ready to fly high in the skies with your cat? If you follow our simple advice, it will all go with flying colours!

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