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coniglio ferplast bianco e marrone anno del coniglio
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Did you know that 2023 is the year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac? Well yes, the Rabbit is the fourth zodiac sign of the Chinese calendar and the year that has just begun is entirely dedicated to this animal.

How Chinese horoscope works

The Chinese horoscope figures a total of 12 zodiac signs within a twelve-year cycle. So each one will repeat and start again once every twelve Chinese New Years. The Chinese New Year does not begin on January 1, but is sanctioned by the Spring Festival, a date that changes every year and which falls between the end of January and the beginning of February.

The zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar are all represented by animals. In chronological succession we find the following zodiac signs: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Chinese culture relies heavily on the zodiac and, just like us, attributes to each sign particular behavioral characteristics that reflect on the personality of those born under that particular zodiac animal.


Characteristics of the sign of the Rabbit

According to Chinese astrology, the zodiac sign of the Rabbit is one of the luckiest. Not only does it bring prosperity and good fortune, but it is also connected with long life and longevity.

The Rabbit is associated with a docile character. It is considered a gentle animal, very elegant and loyal, lucky and not at all fond of conflicts and arguments.

The quiet nature of the animal also reflects in the year that this sign symbolizes. The year of the Rabbit is considered a time of peace and serenity, marked by success and favorable destiny.

Another characteristic that determines the animal’s temperament and which is connected to the year of the Rabbit is responsibility. 2023 will not be the right year for those who tend to procrastinate commitments or be lazy!



According to Chinese astrology, the year of the Rabbit will be particularly lucky for those zodiac signs very similar to it, especially for those born under the sign of the Goat, the Pig and the Dog.

And for those born under the sign of the Rabbit, what will this 2023 be like?

According to the Chinese horoscope traditions, the year linked to one’s zodiac sign does not bode well! Indeed, those born under the sign of the rabbit will be penalized more than the others. 2023 will be a complex year, full of challenges and difficulties… don’t be caught unprepared!

coniglio gabbietta ferplast 2023 anno del coniglio oroscopo cinese

And which Rabbit are you?

However, Chinese astrology is far more complex than it seems. In fact, each zodiac sign, to which an animal is associated, is in turn linked to one of the five elements listed below: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

The personality of each individual is therefore defined not only by the zodiac sign of the year of birth, but also by the element to which it is associated. Each animal related to a particular element of nature will only show up once every 60 years! According to Chinese astrology, 2023 will be the year of the Water Rabbit!

And you, under which sign of the Chinese zodiac were you born?

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