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Ferplast copertina cuccetta cani per soggiorno
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Dogs and home hygiene seems something like impossible and utopian.

A dog at home inevitably, especially with hair loss, gets dirty. However, this does not mean that the house cannot remain clean and tidy. It will simply be necessary to change a few small habits and follow some easy rules for a guaranteed result!

Get your dog used to it

The first and the the most important step in order to have a dog and at the same time keep the house clean and tidy is to get your pet used to some small but important behaviors that are important to you.

In this way your teachings will become part of his daily routine. If there are some house rules that are fundamental to you, getting your dog used to respecting them will also help you maintain good house cleaning.

ci sono alcune regole della casa per te fondamentali, abituare il tuo cane a rispettarle ti aiuterà anche a mantenere una buona pulizia della casa.

Ferplast recinto dog training cane

The basic rules

There are some rules for you too master! They will allow you not only to keep your home clean, but they will also improve your dog’s life at the same time.

Brush the fur

One of the problems that most owners encounter is managing their pet’s hair. They seem to be just everywhere! Carpets, clothes, sofas, blankets. The situation degenerates above all in the moulting periods, which usually occur twice a year.

The best solution in these cases is to brush your pet frequently. This will not only help you remove excess hair from your dog (significantly avoiding its presence in the house), but will also allow the dog to always keep a shiny and clean coat.

The brushes are many and different, depending on the length and type of your dog’s coat. The Gro 5924 brush by Ferplast is suitable for all types of hair, with an easy non-slip handle and semi-rigid bristles, it acts delicately and pleasantly on the hair.

cane spazzolare il pelo Ferplast

Keep the food corner clean

The food corner is often a difficult space to keep clean. That’s why it is necessary to equip it with some useful tools that will help you ensure good cleaning of the house and at the same time well-being and practicality for your dog.

A mat is strongly recommended when you have a dog. It will help you protect the floor from any water and food residues and will allow you to keep the food corner clean more easily. Protective Pad is a silicone carpet that is very useful for holding bowls of food and water and can be rolled up, to be used on various occasions, taking up very little space.

Ferplast protective pad tappetino ciotola cani per mangime e acqua

Clean your dog when you get home

Another good habit is to try to keep your dog’s paws always clean when at home. It is in fact obvious that soil residues are deposited during walks and could dirty floors and furnishings.

Dedicate a specific space to your dog

Dedicating a specific delimited space in the house for your dog will be very important to guarantee the hygiene of the house and the comfort of your pet. Ferplast offers various and interesting solutions.

Superior is a dog crate with multiple openings, very useful for teaching your pet to manage their business. Furthermore, the dividing panel adapts the internal space following the growth of your pet!

Even a cushion is an excellent alternative to recreate a corner entirely dedicated to your dog. Jolly by Ferplast is a mat in technical fabric that is very easy to clean because it is water repellent and machine washable. Its use is particularly suitable for playpens or outdoor kennels or to procet the sofa.

pulizia delle zampe del cane al rientro in casa Ferplast

Sanitizing wipes… at hand!

Sanitizing wipes are a must have for all dog owners! They will be of great help to keep your pet and the environment clean and sanitized. They are a quick but effective solution for coat’s and paws’superficial cleaning, which should always be kept clean and dry.

Ferplast’s Genico Fresh Green Tea cleansing wipes are excellent for pet and home hygiene and also when travelling. Practical and with a refreshing effect, they are free of alcohol and irritants. Very delicate on the skin, they are also suitable for puppies.

In conclusion, dog and house cleaning are not two irreconcilable words, but you need to complain with a few simple precious habits!

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