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Going to see a litter of Golden Retrievers and ending up coming home with a furry bundle in your arms is a real classic, because no one can resist those smiling eyes, the wagging tails that make you happy just to look at them and the fur so soft it seems like a soft toy. Let’s find out more about this breed.

They are known as the ideal dog for families, especially if you want more than one. Originally bred as field retrievers, these dogs love to be around people, stroked, cuddled and played with – hence their  reputation as a dog for families with children, even those who like a bit of rough and tumble. These dogs never get angry, and are therefore not used as guard dogs. They are very friendly with other dogs, with which they love to play, and even cats.


Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent dogs with a good memory, easy to train, loyal and docile, and are often used by rescue teams after avalanches or collapsed buildings, as recently seen after the earthquake in the Marche region, or for sea rescues, given their swimming abilities. In other words, Golden Retrievers have an innate drive to help people in difficulty, and are therefore also often used in Pet Therapy, helping the sick, blind or disabled.



As mentioned above, they are definitely not guard dogs: they’d be capable of wagging their tail and welcoming a burglar, and above all they hate being left alone. So if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your dog, this is not the right puppy for you. They need a lot of exercise and play, along with plenty of affection. At times, it can be a little like having a mad, crazy teenager around, capable of jumping into your arms when you come back from work, forgetting that they almost weigh more than you do.



They are eternally playful, and if you don’t want to find all your shoes chewed up, you’ll need to stay well stocked with toys to fetch or chew, or they’ll be bringing you everything they find. Last but not least, these are sensitive dogs…don’t shout at them or try and share your feelings with them, or they can fall into depression out of empathy, leaving you consoling them for a whole hour with kisses and cuddles, before getting back to their normal crazy, playful selves.

cani_affettuosi_golden_retrieverferplast_golden_retrieverStarring Isotta e Alessandro

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