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Imagine you’re out strolling in Milan, that you feel like a cup of coffee and that you then go into a place where purring cats welcome you! In Italy we’re not used to this kind of café, in which the magic of a bistro blends in with the gentle purring of a cat and its cuddling. Well, that’s the Crazy Cat Café!

Alba and Marco decided to bring a Cat Café to Milan after they had come across one while travelling in Osaka, Japan. They are popular in Asia and in some European capitals too – like Paris, Vienna, Turin and Rome. It wasn’t an easy decision, seeing as the cats that would ‘work’ there would have to be very well taken care of and treated in the right fashion, as well as have their own private spaces to retire to. For their part, all the cats would have to do is get pampered by the clients.

For this reason, Alba and Marco recreated the environment and atmosphere they so enjoyed in Osaka, but with the rhythm and lifestyle typical of Italy.

And who are the cats slated to become the ‘bosses’ at the new café? Six furry felines that, thanks to these two young people, will have a new lease on life after having been abandoned by their owners or saved from a life on the city streets.

In this most unusual place, in this remarkable café, the needs of the cats and their lifestyles are of the utmost importance. They will lack for nothing, have plenty of toys and scratching posts, as well as a special area where they can go rest. They will also have a team to care for them every day, as well as a vet and a behaviour specialist that will look after for their overall well-being.

The idea behind the Crazy Cat Café is to make the public more aware of the problem of cat abandonment and to encourage people to adopt. In fact, there is already a network of various associations and non-profit organisations that collaborate to care for these animals. Not only, but the coffee shop will also promote adoption of the adult cats that live in various shelters, a theme that, as you may know, is dear to our hearts here at Ferplast and about which we spoke in a recent post.

Set in the chaos of a city as large as Milan, the Café will be a peaceful place for them, a refuge, with a limited number of clients allowed in at any given time, a great place to spend some time reading a book, petting a soft purring cat or chatting with other cat lovers.

It’ll be a place in which to take a break from the frenetic world we live in, a place in which to take a deep breath and, thanks to the low-key cultural events organised by the human owners, exchange ideas with experts and, hey, why not, maybe even adopt a new friend.

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