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Ferplast cucce per cani da esterno Argo
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Dog houses for outdoor are an excellent solution for carving out a space entirely dedicated to your pet in the garden or on the porch. In addition, they will provide a safe place, a real refuge where he can rest and feel protected, both in winter and summer.

Ferplast makes outdoor houses for your dog in Nordic pine wood and thermoplastic resin. Choose your favourite and create a space for your dog to always feel part of the family!

Wooden dog houses for outside

Ferplast has been committed to protecting the environment around us and future generations for years. The environmentally sustainable line includes wooden outdoor kennels. These products are made from FSC™-certified Nordic pine wood, i.e. from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict and rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. 

Wooden kennels for your dog: Baita

If you are looking for an outdoor house for your dog that is functional, environmentally friendly and at the same time stylish, Baita in wood is the ideal solution! The boards are carefully assembled to avoid cracks and annoying air passages and thus guarantee maximum protection for your pet.

The roof is also built slightly sloping to allow for proper drainage of rainwater.

It guarantees resistance and durability outdoors thanks to the special painting processes that are performed on the wood and that ensure exposure to all weather conditions. The material is in fact protected thanks to a non-toxic, anti-mould, UV-resistant and water-repellent ecological impregnating varnish. Furthermore, Baita is equipped with plastic feet to keep it insulated from the ground and is available in five different sizes. 

Ferplast cucce per cani da esterno Baita

Plastic dog houses for outside

The commitment to sustainability and the preservation of our Planet is not only limited to products made from certified wood, but also includes numerous products created from industrially recycled and post-consumer material. Such is the case with the two thermoplastic resin outdoor houses Dogvilla and Kenny!

The Dogvilla outdoor house

Made of robust thermoplastic resin, an impact and UV-resistant material, Dogvilla is an outdoor dog kennel with a side wall opening system. Once opened, the panel becomes a practical platform. It is perfect for any season of the year since it can be closed in winter and open in summer and is equipped with a ventilation system that ensures excellent internal ventilation, preventing the formation of humidity. 

The roof of the kennel is also removable, facilitating cleaning, and thanks to the easy assembly and light weight of the material, it can be easily transported and used on holiday. 

Ferplast cucce per cani da esterno Dogvilla

The Kenny outdoor house

The Kenny outdoor doghouse has an igloo shape and is made of durable thermoplastic resin. The kennel is equipped with two innovative systems. the first is the Vent system, which guarantees maximum internal ventilation, the second is the Drain system, which allows water to drain away, ensuring a dry and antiseptic environment at all times. 

The Kenny outdoor house is suitable for every size of dog, since it is available in five different sizes. It is also very practical and consists of two parts, the bottom and the roof. They hook together and can be easily unhooked to help you clean and maintain the kennel. Finally, accessories include a washable cotton cushion and a handy plastic door. 

Choose the best kennel for your dog and create a comfortable space for him where he can feel loved and safe. 

Ferplast cucce per cani da esterno Kenny

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