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Su Pallosu is one of Sardinia’s loveliest beaches. One thing that makes it special is that a colony of cats has lived here for over a century. The locals respect them and care for them with love. Located in the province of Oristano, in the marina of San Vero Milis, this beach is a tourist destination for cat lovers from all over the world.

The Su Pallosu Feline Oasis is located in a natural reserve, a slice of heaven on earth covered in thick vegetation and blessed with crystal-clear water. Since the early 1920s, it has been home to a colony of cats brought here, it is thought, by tuna fishermen to control the mouse population. They adapted themselves to their environment so well that they never left! And, in fact, it’s so beautiful here…who can blame them!

Nothing has changed for a century of generations, and there are now some 60 cats living here in total freedom. They hang out on the beach gazing out at sea, but they also seek the shade of the trees further inland.

What is so remarkable about this situation is the each of the Su Pallosu cats has a file that includes an ID picture, a name and a medical history, all thanks to the Oristano Veternary Clinic, who makes sure they are all kept healthy, sterilized and micro-chipped. You can rest assured that you won’t contact any diseases from them when you go hang out with them on the beach!

The colony is managed by the Amici di Su Pallosu Cultural Association and has never had any funding from public institutions: all medical and food expenses are voluntary donations by individuals. Two dedicated, cat-loving volunteers are in charge of the “project”: Andrea Atzori and Irina Albu, great nature and animals lovers who spend their days in the reserve to love, feed, care for and tidy up after these sweet and wonderful creatures.

Cats, fishermen, villagers and huts have been a time-honoured combination here for a hundred years now. Nobody ever thought that it would also turn into one of Sardinia’s most popular tourist attractions!

To make your visit to this amazing place even more special, cat-lovers can enjoy a free, 30-minute, by-request guided tour given by the Amici di Su Pallosu Culturral Association. The number of human participants is limited to a few and you must make a reservation, but the tours run all year round. It’s a great chance to take some brilliant pictures and bring some love to these remarkable creatures as well.

If you are planning to be in Sardinia for your holiday, add this truly special place to your itinerary!

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