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Are you looking for a small dog? Small dogs are ideal life companions for those who want to have a lively, affectionate pet by their side, able to adapt to even more confined spaces. What are the dog breeds that weigh up to 10 kg?

Small dogs, characteristics

Small dogs are defined as male and female specimens of all those breeds that do not exceed 10 kg in weight once they reach adulthood. There is a distinction in this category that divides small dogs into mini, that is from 5 to 10 kg and toy, up to 4 kg.

Their small size might make them look frail and helpless, but in reality they are very strong and long-lived dogs that can easily exceed 15-16 years of life. They also make up for their size with great personalities!

In general, a small dog requires more limited budgets for its maintenance. When owning a pet, the most important expense is related to food, but naturally dogs that weigh little need less food. Consequently, less money is spent on kibble and various snacks and the cost of maintaining them has a lower impact on the family budget.

If you think a dog of this type is right for you, take a look at our list of the most popular breeds for small dogs!

Small dogs up to 10 kg

Categoria toy

MALTESE (3-4 kg)

The apartment dog par excellence, they are extremely lively and playful, a characteristic that remains even in adulthood. The graceful black nose and tuft that often falls over the large dark eyes are trademarks of the Maltese. Details that make it so funny to the point of melting even the hardest of hearts.

CHIHUAHUA (1.5-3 kg)

Known as the smallest dog breed in the world, weighing between 1.5 and 3 kg, the Chihuahua also has one of the largest personalities. In fact he doesn’t let anyone push him around! Nevertheless, he is an exceptional playmate for both other dogs and people. Chihuahuas love to walk, but due to their size they soon tire. This is why it is always useful to have a carrier bag like Ferplast’s With Me bag in which to put them in as soon as they start to trudge!


The Yorkshire Terrier is a concentrate of tenderness mixed with overprotectiveness. He is a dog who loves his family madly, and is willing to do anything to defend it, in exchange for a thousand attentions. It has soft fur, which feels almost silk to the touch, and it is impossible to stop stroking it. He is not a very active dog, on the contrary, he loves to spend his time on the sofa. So it is particularly suitable for apartment living.


The Dwarf Pinscher is an excellent watchdog and, despite its small size! Smart, lively, confident but super affectionate with the people they care about. If socialized properly they will live in perfect harmony with other pets as well.

Mini category


The Italian Volpino is one of the small dogs of Italian origin and belongs to the Spitz family. It has a soft and long hair, it is slender and from the first glance it appears agile and snappy. It is a companion breed, suitable for guarding: in fact it is very alert and protective towards the family.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has an elegant and regal appearance, it is a very versatile breed. So, regardless of whether his owner is an active or sedentary person, he will adapt to his habits. He has a soft coat and two sweet and deep eyes, he gets along very well with other animals and with children.


Funny, affectionate and patient, he has a very sunny disposition and is perfect for apartment life. In the past, the West Highland White Terrier was used as a hunting dog because of its ability to slip into tunnels and flush out small prey. A distinctive physical feature is the perpetually wagging tail which makes it irresistible!


The Italian Greyhound belongs to the greyhound family. It has an unmistakable appearance: it is very slender and elegant in both its pose and its movement. He adapts to family life, if there are people who are aware of his nature and respectful of his being, but he does not like children very much.

Despite its size it needs open spaces where you can walk and stroll, for this reason you have to take it out often.

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