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Rabbits are particularly sociable animals. Precisely for this reason they suffer greatly from loneliness. 

These pets love company and, above all, take care of each other. They feel safe when they are together with others and therefore appreciate the presence of their pet parent. Here, then, are the warning signs that your rabbit might feel lonely.

Sign that a rabbit feels lonely

What does a rabbit do when he is lonely?

1. He bites and becomes hyperactive. When a rabbit bites its cage and the things around it, for example a carpet or furniture, it means that he is stressed. With this hyperactive behavior he is trying to attract your attention. In this case it is good to make him feel your presence. Cuddles and games in his company will help him feel better. Why not use the PA 4776 game from Ferplast? It is ideal for keeping your bunny from getting bored and also helps reduce excessive tooth growth. In alternative, the GoodBite Tiny & Natural toys are very effective and stress relieving. They are available in four different cute shapes (apple, carrot, corncob and cheese) and are entirely made from natural components.


2. He stops looking for food. It is important to keep an eye on the amount of food the rabbit eats. It may happen that due to loneliness, the rabbit does not eat and stops looking for food. In such cases, it is important to intervene quickly and, if necessary, to consult your vet. 

3. He stays in a corner. It may happen that, if he feels lonely, the rabbit wants to stay even more aloof. This means that he does not participate in home life and has no relationship with other family members, whether animal or human. 

How not to make the rabbit feel lonely

A great way for the rabbit not to feel lonely is to adopt one of its own kind. In this case, it is really important to pay attention to the sex of the animal. If you adopt an animal that belongs to the opposite sex, it is essential to intervene with sterilization. Rabbits, as we all know, are known for their fast reproduction. If you adopt an animal of the same sex, on the other hand, it is important to watch out for possible fights. Rabbits are very territorial and certainly a ‘rival’ in their territory does not help. 


Cautions to have at the first meeting

– The first care to take is to put the two rabbits in different cages. This way they can get to know each other from ‘afar’, before they even have a close encounter. 

– The meeting space must not be small, but there must be plenty of escape routes and places to hide, plenty of food areas, lots of water bowls and games. 


– Finally, the first encounter should be very brief, no more than 5-10 minutes. The meeting should also be stopped immediately if one rabbit attacks the other. It is also important to be equipped with a towel or water spray to be used to separate the rabbits in the event of a scuffle. 

Here is everything you need to know about rabbits and loneliness. It is very important, in case of bad signals, to contact your veterinarian. 

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