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To enjoy a good, long life, dogs need to train their bodies and minds every day. Puller is a nice toy for amusing your four-legged friend and is very useful for taking care of his physical and emotional health in just 20 minutes a day.

Are you tired of the usual trips to the park with your dog and want to make them livelier? Did the vet tell you that your furry friend needs to move more because he has become somewhat heavier in the winter? Do you want to teach your puppy to fetch the ball for you? These, and a thousand other reasons, could encourage you to purchase Puller, an educational and recreational tool to use every day with Fido.

Puller: technical characteristics

The Puller toy is formed by a set of two separate purple-coloured rings and is available in 5 different sizes to choose from according to your dog’s build, from micro to maxi.

It is a game:

1. LIGHT: it is made from extremely light polymer, making it easier to transport, and can also be used by small dogs that have less strength for carrying objects.

2. SAFE: Puller is composed of non-toxic material that does not ruin your dog’s teeth and gums and it is durable over time, even though we must point out that it is not suitable for chewing and should therefore not be left unattended or available to your furry friend.

3. ODOURLESS: it does not leave that typical smell of objects made from this material on your hands, nor does it become impregnated with odours, a very important characteristic for success when training (dogs tend to get easily distracted and as soon as they smell a new smell they tend to stop being collaborative).

4. FLOATING: it floats and it is unsinkable, thus making it perfect for training in the water.

Exercises to do with Puller

Puller is a tool with multiple functions. As well as being a game, it is a very useful tool for educating a dog that is too aggressive, disobedient, with muscular-skeletal system difficulties or who suffers from obesity.

Here are some exercises that can be performed with Puller.

RUNNING (AND FETCHING): hold the two rings in your hand and throw one, inviting your dog to run to retrieve it. As soon as he brings it back, show him the second ring so that he will drop the first one out of his mouth. At this point, throw the second one. As the dog’s ability increases, throw the tool further and speed up the throwing of the second ring. This exercise teaches the dog to bring an object back and helps him to improve speed and agility.

JUMPING: hold both rings in your hand. Show the first ring to your dog and make him jump to catch it. As soon as the dog catches the ring, give him the second one right away and so on. Exercise improves a dog’s attention and reactions.

PULLING: hold the two Puller rings in your hand and encourage your dog to take one. As soon as he takes it, start pulling it from the opposite side and it will be hard for him to resist the temptation of pulling it, in turn, thereby pulling it out of your hands (if he isn’t able to do so on his own, let him win every now and then: it improves his self-confidence). This exercise improves your dog’s strength and endurance.

We are certain that your four-legged friend will love this toy madly!

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