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Not everyone can keep their pet inside the house and cats undoubtedly dislike the winter season more than dogs do. So, it’s essential to create a safe, warm place for your cant, so that he doesn’t fall ill. Let’s see how.

First of all, your cat’s shelter must be far away from wind and draughts, in a protected position, under a porch or in a garage. Although cats are independent animals, it’s better to help them get through the winter without any nasty surprises. Your cat’s house should be put in a place that he can get to whenever he wants and you might also want to install a pet door that will only allow him to enter and exit, for example from the garage or the laundry-room.


A house for a cat that lives outdoors must be made of a material that is resistant to low temperatures, like thermoplastic resin, such as our Kenny kennel for cats and small dogs, or natural wood. The Kenny kennel is shaped like an igloo and has feet that insulate it from the ground, making it even more suitable in winter. Of course, your cat’s house should be fitted out with soft, warm cushions, like those in our Venus range, which are oval-shaped and made of soft, particularly tough fabric. Furthermore, the water-repellent fabric makes it even more suited to welcoming your furry friend into his home during the winter months, when his paws might be damp.

Don’t forget to take care of your cat’s diet: an outdoor cat needs an increased energy intake, so a diet rich in protein and fat is preferable. In winter, water freezes quickly, so the water in his bowl should be changed twice every day.

By taking these precautions, a cat that is used to living in the garden will have a pleasant winter, taking frequent naps in his cosy home, waiting for the warm weather to arrive.

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