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Dogs love to have fun, they are natural athletes and they love nothing better in the world than being with their owner wherever he or she goes. So why not surprise him and take him along for a round of golf? For quite a while now, plenty of courses both in Italy and abroad let you bring your dog with you when you head out to the vast greens with your cart in tow.

In order to satisfy the needs of an increasing number of pet loving guests, over the past few years, more and more hotels and resort villages have made adjustments to their properties to be able to let their guests bring their pets. You can now stay in any number of hotels, sometimes paying a small, symbolic fee to give your dog access to a series of added services designed especially for him.

The same is now also true of a variety of sports venues, with golf courses at the top of the list. If, in the past, the courses were off limits to pets, today many have become openly pet friendly and have made changes in order to allow dogs to join their owners, who obviously are requested to respect a few simple rules, on the green. Of course, as we are obliged to golf etiquette when it comes to behavior, our 4 legged friends are, as well.


The GOLF CLUB UDINE is a fine example of this. Players can come onto the course with their dogs if they follow a few obvious rules. The dog must be well trained and kept on the lead at all times. It must not bark, soil the course and, above all, never steal golf balls! Another great place to go play golf with your dog is the SUNNINGDALE GOLF CLUB, one of Great Britain’s most beautiful courses.

If you are planning a golf trip and bringing Rex along, it’s best to call the golf club first because not all of them allow pets on the green, but if you are going to such heavenly places as the Grand Canary Islands, then the LOPESAN GOLF CLUB, where we shot these photos, is the place for you!


To get onto the course our buddy needs to be on the lead and, considering the venue, it would have to be a really cool sports model. Ferplast manufactures a wide array of models, one of which is sure to be perfect for you, leads that come with collars or harnesses that are ideal for dogs that love to be active. For example, the Ergoflex line offers you an array of highly coloured quality products that are waterproof and that resist high temperatures.

Even the Ergocomfort lead is perfect for sports-loving dogs, ideally suited for long walks over the course as you go from one hole to another. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, it remains firmly in your hand as you control the dog and make sure it doesn’t go socialise with other golfers. And those who want an even firmer control over their dog can use a harness instead of a collar, one like the Ergocomfort Nordic model with soft padding that is comfortable for the dog too, and the practical handle makes sure you have control over the dog at all times.

giocare_golf_cane golf_club_cane

And, needless to say, you also have to have a proper supply of baggies in Dudù, the cute little dog bag container, so that the course remains free from any trace of your having been there, just in case Rex suddenly has to “go.”

golf_club_ammette_cani golf_club_udine


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