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Picking a doghouse for dogs that live outdoors is an important decision: their homes need to have very specific characteristics. Of course they must be comfortable, but they must be of the right size when it comes to comfort and to heat dispersion.

The size of the outdoor kennel must be proportional to the size of the dog, so the house will remain warm even in the coldest months of the year. If the house is too small, your dog will be uncomfortable, but if it’s too large, the heat given off by your dog’s body will be lost. Different dogs need different houses!

If your dog is still a puppy, you’ll need to pick a house according to the size your friend will grow into, unless you feel like buying two different houses. Dogs usually reach their maximum size when they’re about 6 months old.

Regarding the inside of the house (width x length), measure your adult dog while he’s sleeping on the floor in the most natural position possible. He must be able to lay down inside the house, without having to curl up. The house must be taller than the dog, which means you must measure your friend from the top of his skull all the way down to the floor. The door can’t be too small, as the dog must be able to go in and out easily and comfortably, but it can’t be too large either, or all the heat will go out. It’s OK to need to bow their heads to walk through the door: an overly large house is no longer felt as a safe hiding place.

Ferplast’s Merano line is available in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and extra large), suitable for small and large dogs (the small size measures 56.5 x 48 x h 52.5 cm, while the extra large reaches 107.5 x 81 x h 87 cm). If you have a particularly large dog, go for DOMUS MAXI, an outdoor doghouse made of Nordic pine, resistant to all weather conditions and big enough for giant breeds – its maximum dimensions are 111.5 x 132 x h 103.5 cm.

Don’t miss the upcoming posts on materials and fundamental accessories to select an outdoor house for your dog.




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