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Cat owners are often bit or scratched by their beloved felines, who believe they’re just playing. How to teach your cat never to bite or scratch people? First of all, never lose patience: yelling or pushing her away will only make her even more agitated. You must need to know your cat and forecast scratches and bites. This is done by observing your friend carefully: you’ll soon know when she’s up to no good. Dilated pupils, raised fur and no more purring are usually good signs.

When your cat stares at you for a bit too long, don’t think for a minute that she’s admiring your otherworldly beauty. She’s actually studying what to attack first: your foot, your hand, a finger, a calf. Ears flattened back are a sign of war, and that’s when you should pick her up and take her to her scratching pole, thereby blocking her negative behaviour before it blooms. And don’t forget to praise her for using her nails on the toy and not on your arm! There are very simple sisal scratch poles available, to be hung on the wall or shaped like floor-standing columns, with toys hanging from them to draw your cat’s attention. Always remember to praise your cat when she vents her feelings on her pole and not on yourself. Positive reinforcement works a lot better than negative comments. Never yell angrily at a cat, as they’re touchy animals. Most of the times, scratching is a self-defence reaction – for instance, when we accidentally step on their tales. Too much excitement or too much noise at home may make your cat nervous. To step things down a notch, switching off the telly or asking the kids to leave the cat alone for a bit may be sufficient.

Cats love to play, but they sometimes get too excited, and escalate from playing to biting and scratching. To stop them, divert their attention to a toy or scratching pole. Sometimes they scratch for the opposite reason: after spending too much time alone, they may get bored, so keep your cat busy with a toy fishing rod. Your hands will be free from unexpected scratches and attacks.





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