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Rabbits are very clean domestic animals, and spend several hours carefully licking their fur. Every now and then, they should be brushed to remove excess fur, in particular during moulting. Let’s try and understand how to intervene to help them.

Rabbit grooming is crucial, in particular during moulting or in the summer, as shedding is very intense, and ingesting too much of it could cause severe health problems. Get your hands on a set of grooming brushes, like the one made by Ferplast, and brush your rabbit every day.

To brush your rabbit properly, you must raise its fur by brushing it against the direction of hair growth first, then in the direction of growth. Brushes with longer bristles are more suitable for animals with thick fur that tends to create knots. Small combs are perfect for those with short fur. Brushes with soft bristles make a pleasant massage on all animals. Soothing for them, relaxing for us.

Avoid baths at all costs, as rabbits don’t need washing. Take your rabbit to the vet for fur clipping during the summer. If your rabbit got his paws soiled with faeces, just wipe them with a damp cloth, then dry them with a towel.

Rabbits moults several times a year, when the season changes, shedding old fur and replacing it with new. Don’t freak out if between winter and spring, or between summer and autumn, you find fur balls rolling around your house! When this happens, it’s important to brush your rabbit once a day, as ingesting too much fur may obstruct its bowels. The more fur you remove, the better! Don’t worry if bald patches appear: this is normal, and the new fur will soon grow strong and glossy, even more than before. The best method is to use a suitable brush, not the kind with curved iron bristles, but with soft ones that are delicate on your pet’s skin.

During moulting period it’s also important to keep an attentive eye on your rabbit’s diet. Give him fibrous foods that help him shed the old fur: hay, fennels and celery. Your rabbit will certainly enjoy all this attention! 


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