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Pitti Uomo, the internationally renowned men’s fashion show, closed a few days ago; protagonists included the Mini car brand, who were looking to confirm their passion for and officially embrace the world of fashion.

Everyone already knows that Mini is an unconventional, stylish brand; nonetheless, the car company wanted to promote Pitti Italics and Latest Fashion Buzz, two events dedicated to young designers and the most unconventional trends of the moment. PITTI ITALICS and LATEST FASHION BUZZ are organised by PITTI Immagine, with the support of MINI, to promote and support new generation fashion designers working and producing their designs in Italy. The Latest Fashion Buzz event puts the spot light on some of the most talented and promising international men’s fashion designers.

In the Mini lounge during the 87th edition of the Pitti show, Spike the bulldog, who has been acting as the testimonial for the car brand for some time, was also present. Actually, we counted three Spikes! Their role was to be photographed next to the eclectic variety of celebrities at the Pitti show, capable of standing out and starting a trend. Without getting too tired, though! In fact, there was always a warm, comfy Ferplast basket waiting for them.









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