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Having a little animal at home also means taking care of him and cleaning his living spaces. That’s why we want to give you some advice on how to keep your hamster’s cage clean. Your hamster’s litter should be changed roughly every two weeks if the litter is very absorbent, like that made of flax or hemp, for example. For litter made from cob, it is best to replace it once a week. Before proceeding to the cleaning of the cage, it is essential that you put your hamster in a safe place, to prevent him from getting lost in your home.

The most suitable place is a pet carrier, which you will be able to use again if you need to take your hamster to see a vet or on car journeys. The Aladino pet carrier, for example, is equipped with several holes on the top and in the side walls, to ensure proper internal ventilation. The top is transparent, the base is coloured and it comes in three sizes. Always put some toilet paper and a few seeds on the bottom of the pet carrier, so that your hamster will feel safe and peaceful during this weekly operation.

But let’s get back to cleaning the cage. Once you have unfastened the base and thrown the dirty litter into a bag, it should be washed with hot water and neutral soap or vinegar or bicarbonate of soda. It is best not to use chemical products, to avoid poisoning your hamster. Don’t forget to wash all of your hamster’s toys as well, using neutral soap and an old toothbrush. It is extremely important not to leave anything wet or damp. Dry all objects with a cloth or leave them to dry in the open air. Once you have replaced the litter, the toys and the food and water containers, take your hamster out of the pet carrier – he will no doubt have been observing you carefully – and put him back into his living space. He will most certainly be grateful to you for these small but essential gestures of kindness.





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