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Inseparable parrots are small and colorful parrots from North Africa. The technical name Agapornis, means “Birds that love each other”, in fact this is their distinctive feature: they bind with a partner for life and show strong loyalty! Let’s discover the various species together.

The different types of lovebirds can be distinguished by their colorful plumages and by the particular signs dictated by the unique color combinations. Among the nine species of lovebirds, three in particular are the most common or better domesticated: the rosy-faced lovebird, Fischer’s lovebird and the masked lovebird.

The rosy-faced lovebirds

The Rosy-faced Lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis) has a predominantly green plumage with a shiny blue part on the back. It has a peach-pink area – from which it takes its name – that goes from the forehead to the top of the neck, passing behind the eyes, cheeks and throat. The beak is horn-colored with a light green shade and the legs are grey.

They are lively and not very noisy, except on those mornings when they wake up particularly active and euphoric and start whistling, attracting the attention of their owner … In these cases, always make sure they have some parrot toys to hang out!

Fischer’s Lovebird

The body of Fischer’s Lovebird (Agapornis fischeri) is green in lower part and gradually fades towards intense yellow as it rises. The forehead, cheeks and throat are orange-red and the rest of the head is opaque olive green, while the beak is bright red.

The Fischers are affectionate, talkative budgies who sing and whistle all day, they need a lot of attention so if they don’t live another bird, know that they need to interact with you, exercising and playing even outside the cage. For this reason, there are models of cages with an opening roof, such as Greta by Ferplast, which is also equipped with a perch on the top to allow the feathered friend to observe us more closely and interact with us.

A regarding this species is that, unlike the others, it is not able to handle food with one leg, so re curiosity member to cut it into small pieces before giving it to it.

The Masked Inseparables

The Masked Lovebird (Agapornis personata) is a parrot with green plumage. The head is brown-black with a yellow collar (that is why is it also simply called the yellow-collared lovebird), the chest and throat are also yellow, with a red-orange spot. The feathers of the back, on the other hand, are bluish and the beak red.

Masked Lovebirds have a kind and sociable character, but if ignored they risk getting bored and losing control a little! It is not a singing bird, but tends more to chirp and whistle, for this reason it is also suitable for living in an apartment.

We remind you that if you would like to adopt an lovebird couple it is mandatory by law, to have documentation that certifies the origin of the birds and the regular sale.

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