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From February 16 to March 16, Virbac invites us to adhere to the Month of Leishmaniasis Prevention. Leishmaniasis is a very severe disease that can be lethal for dogs. In particular, it’s important to identify the disease early enough to cure it. The only way to make sure our dog is not sick is through blood tests, and during this prevention month several veterinarians will be participating in the initiative. All you have to do is find the one nearest you and ask for the specific test. The results are quick.

In any case, keep an eye on these symptoms, which should ring a bell: loss of appetite and of weight, anomalous weight loss even without loss of appetite, loss of fur, opaque, dry fur with dandruff, epistaxis, and red eyes. Then there are the unmistakeable signs: loss of fur around the eyes, and nails that grow excessively. Unfortunately, the disease can also involve the internal organs, leading to death, often caused by kidney damage.

It’s important to vaccinate your dog. If the blood test comes out negative, this is the right period of the year to vaccinate him.

Leishmaniasis is caused by a small parasite transmitted by insects similar to mosquitoes. Once contracted, it can be treated, but from the parasitological point of view, it’s an incurable disease. The only way to protect your dog is through vaccination and through the use of external anti-parasite devices with a repelling action.

For the complete list of all the ambulatories that participate in the initiative, please go to It’s a small gesture for you, but a huge demonstration of the love you feel for your dog.

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