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One of the decisions you have to make when buying an outdoor kennel for your four-legged friend is to choose which material you would prefer it to be made of. There are different opinions on the matter. Generally the kennels you can purchase are made of either plastic or wood; we shall explain their advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic kennels are usually cheaper and easier to clean. They are less insulating than wooden ones but stand up to bad weather better. Rain, snow and humidity are not a problem for plastic kennels. Some puppies may like to chew them, especially the entrance wall. But not all dogs are kennel-eaters, so there is no need to worry, and we are only talking about the occasional bite. You won’t find the kennel reduced to shreds! And if you choose Ferplast’s Dogvilla kennel, you are totally safe: the sides of the door are covered with a special anti-chew aluminium border! It’s simple to assemble, and very easy to keep clean.


Wooden kennels are very sturdy, stand up well to chewing, and provide excellent thermal insulation thanks to wood’s properties and the thickness of the sides. While wood is less weather-resistant, it only takes occasional maintenance to help it last longer. Ferplast’s DOMUS kennel for example could be the perfect home for your dog, providing good insulation from the ground with the feet that raise it a few centimetres, with a ventilation system for better internal aeration to avoid humidity building up. The wooden planks, carefully assembled to block draughts, are protected with a special non-toxic varnish to help them last in time. The roof is removable, fixed to the structure with a hook. This is a very useful feature which makes it easier to clean the inside of the kennel.

It takes a little bit more skill to assemble the wooden kennel – or a DIY-loving friend! It will look good in a well-tended garden and blend in with plants and bushes. If you live in a cooler climate, CANADA is the ideal Ferplast kennel for you. It has a front opening which becomes a useful platform, unique in its genre. Warm and protected from the cold in winter, it stays cool in summer thanks to the opening which turns it into a comfortable veranda for your dog to rest outside.



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