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As you know, since July we have been running a column dedicated to everyone who loves following us on Instagram and taking photos of your furry friends together with our products.

This month we had great fun digging out all your photos showing one of our favourite leads: Amigo.

It’s difficult not to love Amigo: with its ergonomic handle and modern design with numerous interchangeable coloured covers, it’s incredible how many different looks you managed to create, matching it with your trendy outfits!

Each month, it’s great to see how much you appreciate our products and how we are growing into such a vibrant community, as you take us with you on your dog walks, encouraging us to provide the absolute best to make your life with your pet even more special.

Keep up the good work, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with @ferplast_official or with the hashtag #Ferplast so we can see all your photos – maybe next month, you’ll be in our favourites!

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Share the love

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