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While drooling is a normal behaviour for dogs, sudden excessive salivation or hypersalivation could indicate a health issue. The causes of hypersalivation in dogs can be different, some milder and others more serious. Here are all the reasons and remedies to understand how to intervene when faced with this situation.

Causes of Hypersalivation in Dogs

Hypersalivation in dogs refers to the excessive production of saliva and the inability of the animal to retain it within the oral cavity.

Certain breeds such as Bulldogs, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Bernese Mountain Dogs or Saint Bernards, are naturally inclined to produce a large amount of saliva. However, it’s crucial to monitor their oral health as dental issues might be harder to detect.

For other breeds, hypersalivation can be a sign of:

Stress or anxiety

Nausea or motion sickness

Dental problems (gingivitis, abscesses, infections)

Ingestion of toxic substances

Bacterial or viral infections like rabies

Oral injuries

Gastrointestinal diseases (ulcer, gastritis, tumours, pancreatitis)

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Additional Symptoms Linked to Hypersalivation in Dogs

If hypersalivation persists, it’s important to observe for other symptoms such as:

Bleeding gums


Lethargy and loss of appetite

Dilated pupils

Abdominal pain

Difficulty swallowing

Treatment and Prevention of Hypersalivation in Dogs

If your dog shows signs of hypersalivation, consult your vet immediately. Treatment varies depending on the underlying cause and may include medication, antibiotics, or even surgery.

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Can Hypersalivation in Dogs be Prevented?

While it’s impossible to prevent all causes of hypersalivation, certain measures can reduce the risk:

  • Prevent your dog from ingesting toxic substances.
  • Maintain your dog’s oral health with a good toothbrush like GRO 5939 from Ferplast and dental snacks that help remove plaque and improve gum health.
  • Ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date.

Remember, hypersalivation in dogs is a symptom that should not be ignored. Regular monitoring and prompt action can prevent serious health issues.

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