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Dogs are often very playful and can be somewhat intrusive, especially with their owner and the people they consider friends; if you’re wondering how to teach your furry friend to stay in his space, whether it be a bed, crate or blanket, you’re in the right place!

Sharing your space with your furry friend is very important. However, it is also important to define areas where he can and cannot stay. Just like with everything else, it will take a little training, but he will get used to staying in his bed and going there on command or to simply staying in certain areas of the house.


If you don’t want him in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, you can make these areas off limits but make sure this is clear from the very start.  For example, if you have purchased a soft and cosy bed for your dog, but he prefers to sleep on the bed with you, there are some strategies you can follow.

First, take the brand new bed or blanket and place it in the bedroom. Your goal is to have the dog mark it positively, so it becomes a place your dog goes willingly and where no one can disturb him. If he tries to jump onto your bed, say a decisive “No!”, without yelling or using a low tone of voice. Draw him back down with a treat and then place it into the dog bed. When you see him getting close, say the command “Bed”!


If on the other hand your four-legged friend loves keep you company while you watch the tv or read a book on the couch and you don’t know how to send him away, you can start by trying to teach him to stay in a corner. Take a blanket that is not too bulky, such as Ferplast’s Nanna Soft, and place it where you would like the dog to be. Using the same treat trick as before, entice him onto the blanket. Every time Fido is in the right place, reward him with a pat and a “Good dog!”.

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Remember, you can’t allow him onto the couch with you one day and then yell at him to get down the next. Dogs are creatures of habit and you have to be consistent or you will confuse them!

ferplast-cane-spazio-cuccia ferplast-petlovers-cane-nei-suoi-apzi

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