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Even though pets cannot communicate through speech, the dog-human relationship is incredibly strong. 

Truly unique bonds are formed between humans and animals. But how does it happen?

The foundation of the dog-human relationship

As we all know, the reasons why dogs and pet-parents establish such a unique relationship are many. In this regard, a group of researchers, led by Michael Tomasello of the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany, has published scientific articles that aim to explain how dogs living in families are able to interpret their owner’s gestures to find hidden food. Researchers realised that dogs and humans live in a relationship of attachment that makes it possible for them to find mutual support, just like the bond between a mother and her child. A great example of this phenomenon is guide dogs for the visually impaired. From there, research has continued and has shown that dogs communicate in very similar ways to humans. This is precisely why such a strong bond is created. 

The way dogs express emotions through vocalisations is also very similar to the way humans express themselves: in fact, dogs seem to react to crying and the different emotional nuances that humans convey through speech.

Obviously, dogs’ genes have changed a lot over time, to the point of developing human-like behaviour. Pets, living in our society, have increased their production of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter known as the love hormone. Due to the increased production of this substance as humans and dogs have spent more and more time together, the social relationships between the two species have solidified. Thus, the affinity between dog and man has distant origins and, above all, exists thanks to the evolution of our four-legged friends, who have joined and adapted to a community of another species. 

How to strengthen the bond with your pet

The bond a pet-parent has with their pet grows over time and strengthens. To increase this affinity, however, here are some simple tips that will make it easier to establish a bond.

1. Educate the animal properly

As with humans, education is also crucial for animals. Teaching basic commands can really strengthen the bond with your pet by making him or her more self-aware. It is also important to start educating them from the very first months.

2. Quality time

Spending time with your pet is important to strengthen your bond with him. Whether it is a walk or a trip, giving him attention is really necessary to make him or her feel loved and appreciated.

3. Play together with your pet

After a long day out, playing with your pet is very liberating. You probably don’t always have the energy to jump or chase after him, but this is not necessary for your pet. The important thing is to show him affection through cuddles and play.

4. Communicate effectively

A good pet-parent should never get tired of getting to know his or her furry friend, even studying the distinguishing characteristics of their dog’s breed. Dogs are special, which is why it is important to try to understand their behaviour. Seeking help in this from a dog trainer is a great way to engage in better communication with your pet.

Benefits of the dog-human relationship

The benefits of the bond between dog and pet-parent are many.

First, pet-parents show more love and empathy towards all animals.

Animals, on the other hand, have enormous sensitivity and perceive a person’s state of mind, making their presence known. The gratification is undoubtedly mutual.

Certainly, nothing compares to the relationship between pet-parent and pet. It is a pure and sincere relationship that will not be easily broken.

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