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Vacations are over. Some head back to the office, others to school, everyone to their usual routines. Our furry friends also get back to their old life, perhaps a little more lonely, as they wait for us to return from work in the evening.

Coming back from the holidays is stressful for us as well as for our pets, as they certainly got used to spending a lot of time in our company during the summer. Many of our pets must stay at home most of the day, waiting for us to come back from work or school. To keep them from getting bored while they’re home alone, it’s a good idea to live up their living quarters, with toys and a few other precautions.

Young dogs, in particular, are brimming with energy. They need an environment that offers plenty of stimuli and things to do. Keep in mind that their days are spent eating, napping, peeing and pooing, and playing. If any of these activities is missing, their mood will understandably become vile, and nastiness out of spite is to be expected.

Let us provide our friends with a stimulating environment, with numerous fun toys. Use your dog’s personality, mainly given by its breed, to select different activities, so you can have fun with her while experimenting with different toys. For instance, if your dog loves retrieving things, Ferplast PA6535 is perfect: made of sturdy, safe fabric, it buzzes cheerfully when your dog returns it to you. If you want to encourage your dog to play with you, try Ferplast PA 6446, a biscuit dispenser/toy shaped like a rolling pin, with an inner mechanism that dispenses dog biscuits as it rolls. You can leave it filled with biscuits while you’re away, so your dog can play and get her rewards even though you’re not at home.

Playing with your dog, dedicating time to him, is fundamental to establish a solid relationship and to ensure he feels less lonely. Dogs are very different from cats, independent sometimes to the point of detachment. Toto loves feeling like he’s part of a pack. If you usually keep your dog indoors and share your relaxing spaces with him, let him keep you company while you watch a film or do the housework: your relationship will strengthen and your dog will feel closer to you. Dogs also love being talked to – it keeps them from feeling ignored. Don’t feel weird if you do – lots of us talk to our pets. Sometimes it comes spontaneously; if that’s not your case, keep in mind that’s it’s therapeutic for both of you. When you must leave your dog alone, make sure he has everything he needs to have fun until we get back. Avoid looking sad when saying goodbye, and don’t say goodbye too many times, either, as he may interpret it negatively and feel abandoned. Several experts also recommend switching on the telly and leaving a documentary on!

To sum it up: it takes a bit of effort to ensure that your furry friend doesn’t get bored, but the joy we experience when our dogs are with us is priceless, isn’t it?

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