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In a recent post we gave you lots of useful tips on how to measure your dog for the right harness. When picking a coat for our dog, we need to make sure we don’t just ‘figure it’ll fit’, because if we get him the wrong sized coat important parts of his body may be left exposed or he might be covered up too much, hampering free movement.

Get a measuring tape, stock up on patience and then measure Fido.

First of all stay cool, try not to excite the dog too much, he might get suspicious with all this attention to his body. To measure his neck (A) keep him standing normally and then loosely wrap the measuring tape around the base of his neck, where it meets the shoulders. Remember not to tighten the tape too much around his body.

In order to get the right sized coat, we also need to have another measurement: the length of his back (C). Keeping him on all fours, measure the distance between the neck (where it meets the shoulders) and 2 or 3 cm before the base of his tail.

What could be easier, right? Just so you don’t make any mistakes, here are some drawings.

Now you’re both ready for a nice walk in the hills… without catching a cold!!


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