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A rabbit has an average life expectation of about 3-4 years if they live in nature and about 6-8 years if living in the house. What can we humans do to help our cute domestic friend live longer? Here are our tips.

Factors that affect the longevity of a rabbit

The wild rabbit tends to live less than the one that lives within the walls of the home, it must perpetually face some adversities such as the climate, the availability of food and the threat of predators. A domestic bunny, on the other hand, spends their days in a safe and controlled environment, is cared for and pampered, therefore they run at least a quarter of the risks of the wild rabbit.

Practical tips to make the rabbit live longer

If the idea of separating forever from your rabbit worries you and you are looking for a solution to live as long as possible in their company, memorise this short list of suggestions, very useful for trying to extend the life of your animal.


A happy and peaceful rabbit lives longer. The more time you spend with them, the more they will feel loved, this will affect their mood and their state of well-being. It is necessary for the rodent to stay safe and to avoid being frightened, as even a small fear could cause a heart attack, not only, it is good to avoid exposure to very hot temperatures or to sudden changes in temperature as it would suffer a lot.


Nutrition is a factor that greatly affects your rabbit’s health. The right diet must be rich in fibre and quality hay, so they don’t have problems with their teeth, obesity or bad digestion. They cannot remain without drinking for a long time, that’s why it is good to always let them find a drip drinker with fresh and clean water.


It is very important to care for your rabbit’s cleaning and their habitat if you want to extend their life. Hutches need regular cleaning every day and a thorough cleaning at least once a week: the accumulation of urine and excrements over time will result in the birth of bacteria that could cause diseases to the animal. Even the bunny themselves must be cared for and brushed, to maintain their healthy skin and knot-free hair.


To live long, a rabbit must always remain active both physically and mentally. It is obviously our job to make them have movement through playing and letting them run in the garden (taking care that there are no predators) to allow them to stretch their legs.

These are simple rules that must always be kept in mind to safeguard the rabbit’s health and increase their life expectancy!

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