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Feeding fish is not really an easy task. How much should we give them so that they don’t get fat? And when we go away on holiday, how should we make sure they get fed without risking that they die?

Fish seem to be perpetually hungry, so it’s not easy to know just how much food we should be giving them. Even if we put more food in the tank after having fed them they act like they’re starving! The risk is over-feeding them, which means they’ll gain weight and their health will suffer, and it means that the tank water will get dirty with leftovers.

There are some tricks you can use to prevent this from happening and make sure you give your fish the right amount of nutrition. Here’s a sampling:

  • Limit the number of meals to two or three a day. Morning, noon and night is more than enough. If we are not home at noon, it’s a meal they can easily skip.
  • Limit the quantity of food. The right dosage is whatever they eat in 2 or 3 minutes. If there is still food in the water after this amount of time, give them less the next time.
  • All of them should eat. It’s a good idea to put the food in the same place each time. The slower fish will soon learn to show up in time, and the faster ones won’t gorge.
  • Quality food. Although the fish may like them, bits of bread or similar foodstuffs are not good for them. They should be getting quality industrial fish food that has been designed specifically for them.
  • If we leave home for an extended period of time, don’t ask an inexperienced person to feed your fish, they will usually overfeed them.

So, what should we do when we go away? Do not despair, dear fish lovers, there is a solution and it is even very practical! It’s called Chef Pro and is a handy automatic feeder for aquariums that will make sure your fish will neither starve nor get fat.

This handy little device can be set to release the right amount of food into the aquarium up to three times a day. It comes with four different types of dispensers to suit all types of fish food, shavings or granules. The Chef Pro automatic feeder is easy to programme and runs on two 1.5 volt batteries. When the batteries near empty, a warning light goes on and the stand-by mode will be activated.

automatic feeder for aquariums and fish tanks by Ferplast

Your fish feeding problem is resolved! When it’s feeding time, remember not to put the food near the tube at the entrance of the filter so that it does not get sucked in. Now you can go away on holiday knowing all will be well when you return home

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