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A sweet water aquarium is a marvellous miniature ecosystem, home to a variety of plants and animals. To keep it clean and make sure it’s a healthy environment there are a few simple rules to keep in mind.

  1. Choose the types of fish you want with great care. Before you buy any fish, make sure you read up on their needs, what their ideal habitat is and learn about their behaviour to make sure they are not incompatible, both from an environmental and a behavioural point of view. If two species are not compatible, then you can’t provide them with acceptable living conditions.
  2. Decide on the quality of the water you will have. Each species needs water with specific characteristics. It is important to change the water regularly and add products that will neutralise the chlorine your tap water contains.
  3. Equip the tank with a proper and functioning water filter. The filter is a vitally important feature because it eliminates food residue, excrement and other hazardous products that may accumulate. So make sure the filter is clean and functioning.
  4. Make sure your aquarium is properly furnished. When you equip and decorate the tank think carefully about what you want to put in it. Some fish need plenty of hiding places because they’re shy, but don’t worry, because Ferplast’s Blu resin accessories offer just that!
  5. Pick the right tank size. The size of the aquarium must meet the space requirements of the types and number of fish you put in it. Find out how many litres of water each fish needs.
  6. Learn about fish nutrition. Most fish can be given the fish food you buy at your local pet shop, just make sure you don’t give them too much of it and decide on the number of meals per day they will be given.take care of the aquariuim

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