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Japanese style is certainly back in vogue and not just in terms of food – their wonderful sushi – but also when it comes to the décor of our homes. If you want to imbue your house with a bit of Japan, then aim for a minimal design and natural materials. The rules are few and they are simple, all you have to do is follow them to the letter to recreate Japanese-style rooms you’ll be proud of.

First of all you need plenty of room, pieces of furniture should have plenty of space between them. Then you need straw mats for the floor and semitransparent sliding paper doors to separate the rooms. And let’s not forget the low tables and big flat cushions to sit on.

The second rule is to use only natural materials, like bamboo and wood. Plants are also very important, as are little Zen fountains and river pebbles.

We can even let our pets eat and drink out of Japanese minimalist style bowls, like Maki. This original accessory for your dog’s meals has an elegant wooden base on which the lovely square bowl with his food rests. The bowls are nice and big and have a special edge that helps keep water or food inside. The bowl is easily removed from the base. What makes this so special is that the base for the bowl has been designed to resemble a classic Japanese table, set on legs above the floor.

The last rule you have to follow to make your home Japanese is to make every room a really relaxing place to be in: from the bedroom to the living room, imbuing every space with peace and relaxation for ourselves and for our guests thanks to the help of a very powerful component: nature.


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