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Autumn is here. The days take on a drizzly grey hue, it’s cooler, the winds pick up, it rains. But that’s no reason not to go out for a walk with Fido! Thanks to the new Bau Bau Moda coat line, the changing weather can be faced with cheer and a colourful flair!

Protecting our dogs from the first cool days is important for a variety of reasons, but keeping them dry is even more so. One of the best ways to protect our beloved four-legged friends, to keep him clean and dry, is to go for walks in the autumn weather with him dressed in a nice wind-breaker or his own special rain coat.

Once again this year, Ferplast offers you a wide selection of pet outerwear perfectly suited for all kinds of needs: for puppies, but also for adults and big dogs. To each one his own. The Bau Bau Moda collection is rife with winter outerwear, to keep Fido nice and warm, but also to protect him from the rain and wind with special water-proof fabrics that make sure water and wind doesn’t get through to chill him. On these Autumn days, when the cold is not yet fierce enough to completely change our warmer weather habits, a light cape can do the trick. It’s ideal to protect your dog from the somewhat lower temperatures we might encounter as we stroll enjoying the change of seasons or go for a run in the countryside.

The raincoat models of the new BAU BAU MODA WINTER 2015 collection offer a wide variety of styles and we’re sure you’ll find one that’s perfect for your dog. There are classic models, coats with a British flair, transparent plastic raincoats with a camouflage pattern, and for those serious enough about following fashion trends there are the brand new coats made of anti-wind fabrics with colourful designs. Check out the BUTTERFLY, HEARTS and TREES models! There is no lack of technical wear either, with wind-protecting hoods and drawstrings to cover the head and ears of our best friend.

We hope you’re ready to go out, because Milou has already donned her little coat and booties, eager to take on the puddles in her way!

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