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Finally, it is our turn for some healthy and well-deserved rest. To be clear, this is not a goodbye, as we are only taking a one-week break to spend the holidays with our family and our four-legged friends, and especially to recharge the batteries, so we can come back beautifully refreshed, with many new ideas for the blog!

What do your holiday plans entail? Are you about to leave for some seaside resort or do you prefer to spend the holidays in the mountains? If, rather, you have to renounce both and are forced to stay home this summer, do not despair. You can still relax, perhaps taking a few hours each day to do something you enjoy, such as read a book, go for a walk in the park and surrounded by nature, watch a film and enjoy many fun things even in the company of your loyal furry companions.


The beauty of animals is that, for them, it is not where you go, but with who you are with that counts! For this reason, wherever you go, we eagerly await your photos in the company of your dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. As always, you can share them on our Facebook and Instagram pages using the hashtag #Ferplast. On our return, we will select the most beautiful and meaningful pictures and post them in the holiday album, so that when we are feeling a little nostalgic, we can go back and look at them and smile, thinking back to the good times that summer has given us!

Happy holidays to all!


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