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Gatto senza pelo al sole
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In summer, the priority of all pet parents is to preserve the health of their animals by protecting them from the sun and the hot temperatures. But does the hairless cat, because of this particular characteristic, suffer from the heat?

Cats are particularly affected by heat in summer. Their body temperature can easily reach 40 degrees Celsius. The cat’s fur provides protection from the cold and heat. For this reason, the hairless cat is susceptible to heat and sunlight problems.

Is the hairless cat really hairless?

Although it’s clear that the hairless cat has less hair than other cats, he is not completely hairless. The Sphynx cat, for example, has a small layer of fine hairs that are not visible at first glance.Gatto senza pelo disteso sul divano che guarda l'obiettivo

Is the hairless cat hot?

The hairless cat also suffers from heat. It’s precisely the lack of a coat that exposes him to other sun and heat-related dangers, such as burns and sunstroke. His normal body temperature is very high, as it has to maintain a constant body temperature because it has no fur.

Protecting the hairless cat from the heat

In order to maintain the health of your hairless cat, it is necessary to look after it properly, taking care not to let him go outdoors during the hottest hours of the day, when the risk of burning is greatest. To help your cat cope with the heat, it is advisable to bathe him frequently throughout the day. Hairless cats need to be washed more often than other breeds, as they have an oilier skin, which protects them from external atmospheric agents. In order to prevent the risk of sunburn, your cat should always be protected from the sun’s rays, including reflected rays.Primo piano gatto senza pelo

Even hairless cats suffer from heat and are prone to sunburn and sunstroke. This makes them cats that needs constant care and attention.

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