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Pets are a panacea for the body and mind of young and old. In a special way, dogs are ideal companions for children.

The benefits that the company of a dog can have for children are many. Dogs are therefore a valuable ally for the well-being of their owners.

Positive aspects of dog companionship

Dogs have always been used in pet therapy for their extraordinary ability to read human body language. They can sense moods and, thanks to their playfulness, can lift the spirits of those around them.Dog with curly girl

Benefits of dogs for children

For children, the presence of a dog in the house also helps them in the relationships with their peers and has positive effects on their education.

Firstly, the company of Fido makes the child move more. The animal has to be taken out daily and several times a day. This encourages physical activity and an extra dose of movement.

Secondly, children with a dog learn to take care of another life: this allows them to take on their first small responsibilities and commitments.

In addition to these aspects, there is a fundamental social aspect. Children with dogs tend to be more sociable. It will be easier for them to make new friends and cultivate relationships. In addition, dogs teach children about unconditional and selfless love.Puppy dog with his little pet parent

Benefits of dogs for children with behavioural problems

The companionship of a dog is also essential for hyperactive and behaviourally impaired children. A relationship of equals is created between dog and child. No judgments or reproaches, just a furry friend to play with. This helps the hyperactive child to strengthen his self-esteem, which is often undermined by constant reminders. The presence of a dog in the house relieves stress and has a calming effect: the heartbeat slows down and fears give way to cuddles.

Since, like humans, every dog has his own character, it is important to choose the right breed to be close to a hyperactive child. Suitable breeds include the Irish Setter, Labrador and Beagle, all of which are high-energy children’s dogs.Dog on the grass

Children and dogs are similar, so growing up with a dog is like living with a friend from whom you can learn and be continually stimulated.

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